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              Coronavirus Preparedness & Response

              CGD and CGDE staff continue to work remotely while our DC and London offices remain closed, following guidance from public health officials. Staff are available on email and phone during normal business hours. This page serves as a one-stop repository for all research, analysis, and commentary on COVID-19. Thank you for your continued interest in CGD’s work.

              As new cases continue to emerge, what will be the lasting impact of the novel coronavirus? 

              At CGD, we are examining the toll that the spread of COVID-19 is taking on global development—people, systems, and economies—and how governments and international organizations can best respond. Our experts are also assessing global pandemic preparedness and financing, and in particular how the outbreak will and is affecting low- and middle-income countries—including in Africa—with already-stretched health systems. Drawing upon our work on strengthening health systems and lessons from the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, we’ve put together options on how global institutions and countries can better responsd and prepare for pandemic threats today and in the future. In the race to develop a vaccine, CGD experts are working to leverage the "missing middle"—the private sector and middle-income countries, as well as developed economies. Read about their proposal for a benefits-based advanced market commitment (BBAMC).

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