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              An image showing a landscape experiencing drought as a result of climate change..
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              A few months ago, the experts at the OECD who decide what’s in and what’s out when it comes to what counts as officia

              A table showing some of the indicators used in the index.
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              In this blog we preview a new measure of country effort to improve girl’s education—The Girl’s Education Policy Index.

              A woman walks near latrines at the Ngam refugee camp.
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              Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the multilateral aid system continues to face a vexing challenge: how best to align international support with locally-driven expertise, capacity, and priorities?

              Chart showing LAYS gained per $100 on a log scale. Giving information has huge variance but the highest gains. Targeted teaching and structured lessons also had high average gains.
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              There are many studies that show how one intervention reduces dropouts (better access to school) or another intervention increases learning (better quality of schooling). But policymakers and others care about a combination of access and learning! So how do you choose between one intervention that says it will keep kids in school longer and another that says it will boost their learning? Presenting the results of evaluations in terms of learning-adjusted years of schooling, or LAYS, is one solution.